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Hotel Iberostar Cayo Ensenachos Cuba

  The Hotel Iberostar Cayo Ensenachos has the whole island to itself, literally! This is one of those rare instances where all areas of a Caribbean island are actually part of the same resort and by god, it’s heavenly! Separated by the Ensenachos Beach, the two divisions of the hotel are split by a slither […]

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Cayo Ensenachos Tours Excursions

The tour & excursions from Cayo Ensenachos are identical to those offered from Cayo Santa Maria. These include (please click the links for more information) the excellent Catamaran Cruise which is either a half or full day plus a nighttime booze cruise is available. The Jeep Safari is truly thrilling day out. It begins with a 60 […]

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Ensenachos Dolphin Show

The Dolphin Show and Park is located right next to Iberostar Ensenachos and offers a great way to spend a few hours for the small 5CUC entrance fee. The Dolphin Show is a really great for the whole family with many dolphins doing incredible tricks, along with a sea lion show. The Dolphin entertainment area is relatively large at 900 […]

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Visit Pueblo La Estrella

Just 9km from Iberostar Ensenachos you’ll find the The Pueblo La Estrella (Star Town). Located on the adjacent island of Cayo Santa Maria its an all-in-one entertainment center created to give you break from your hotel and try something new. To get to Pueblo La Estrella it’s as easy as getting the Double Decker Bus from outside […]

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Visit Pueblo Las Dunas Village

Pueblo Las Dunas Village and entertainment center is one of two village style malls on the adjacent island of Cayo Santa Maria just 9 km away from Cayo Ensenachos.  Easy to get to on the hop-on hop-off 1 CUC bus, the distances from the Iberostar Ensenachos are so short that it takes less than 20 mins if the bus […]

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Where is Cayo Ensenachos?

  The island of Cayo Ensenachos, Cuba has an area of 2 km²or 1.25 miles², one of the smallest in the Jardines del Rey Archipelago is under provincial control of Villa Clara . Jardines del Rey are part of a collection of multiple islands on the north coast of Cuba. Cayo Ensenachos is 49km from Cuba’s north coast city of […]

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Major airports near Cayo Ensenachos Cuba

The closest airport is the Las Brujas Airport (IATA: BWW, ICAO: MUBR) is an airport serving Cayo Santa Maria and Cayo Ensenachos, which has international and domestic flights from Cayo Las Brujas, Cuba and is 11 km (6.8 miles) km from Cayo Ensenachos, Cuba The next airport is the Santa Clara – Abel Santamaría Airport (IATA: […]

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Cayo Ensenachos Viazul Bus Service | Prices, Offices, Phones, Timetables

Viazul Cuba Bus Service is the perfect option to visit Cayo Ensenachos. For those of you who don’t wish to Rent a Car to visit Cayo Ensenachos the Viazul bus service will take you across Cuba and to Santa Clara in comfort. To go from Santa Clara to Remedios the taxi cost is 35-40 CUC […]

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Cayo Ensenachos Casa Particular | Cayo Ensenachos Private Home Stay

A Casa Particular in Cayo Ensenachos or home stay in Cayo Ensenachos or just outside Cayo Ensenachos is currently not an option because the Jardines de Rey Islands have no residents to speak of, they are simply tourist destinations created in the 80s and 90s. The closest place to stay at a Casa Particular would […]

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Car Rental Cayo Ensenachos Cuba | Rent a Car Cayo Ensenachos Cuba

Make your trip to Cayo Ensenachos Cuba a little more special and rent a car. You’ll be able to visit Remedios, Caibarien or Santa Clara and see the real Cuba plus, have unlimited freedom to move around. We offer some incredible Cayo Ensenachos Car rental deals, from economic cars to the latest jeep 4×4 models. We also have 7 […]

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